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increase muscular strength

Increase Muscular Strength: 6 Russian Methods

Having lived in Russia for several years, the renown of Russian strength athletes have always fascinated me. If you’re wanting to increase muscular strength, you should try implementing some of the things Russians do into your training. Many years ago I read an article by C. S. Sloan, which covered the six primary training methods …

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Build Big Quads

Build Big Quads: 1 Tip

How do you feel about leg day? Do you hate it? Why? Is it because it’s a lot of work? Is it just because you don’t ever notice much, if any, results from leg days? This is the general consensus throughout the lifting community at large. Go into any public gym and you’ll see guys …

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Weight Training Alone Can Be Safe

Weight Training Alone? Yes!

Do you let fear hold you back in the gym? If you go and lift alone at the local gym or lift alone in a home gym, you probably have reservations about weight training alone. When it comes to that heavy set, you’re not quite sure if you should go for it since you don’t …

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