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Weight Training Alone Can Be Safe

Weight Training Alone? Yes!

Do you let fear hold you back in the gym? If you go and lift alone at the local gym or lift alone in a home gym, you probably have reservations about weight training alone. When it comes to that heavy set, you’re not quite sure if you should go for it since you don’t have the luxury of reliable spotters. A want to assuage your fears right here, right now. I’ve lifted heavy weights alone for several years now. I’ve actually made better gains and have had better results from my training alone.

Weight Training Alone Could Be Better For You

I have fond memories of lifting with friends over the years. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. But, memories aside, when I really remember the daily lifting schedule back then, it was heavily affected by my friends. If they didn’t lift, I usually didn’t lift, or if I did lift, it was lethargic and flavorless since the social element was absent. If the social experience is important to you, then weight training alone probably won’t help much. Yet, if you truly are focused on achieving your goals in the gym, try lifting alone: you’ll be following your schedule, your training program, and you’ll be one-hundred percent focused on getting your work done in the gym without messing around. Without other distractions getting in the way, weight training alone allows you to ‘get in the zone’ ever single time that you train.

Weight Training Alone Is Safe

Come now, don’t scoff. I know you’ve had a bad experience, like the rest of us, when asking for a spot from strangers. They give you a lift-out, they don’t give you a lift out, they bump the bar, they hold onto and guide the bar, side spots give an uneven lift out, and the list goes on. Seeing as how some heavy lifts are only preformed a few times per week, a bad spot can ruin your training goals for the week. All these variables and uncertainties will adversely affect your training and can pose a greater risk for injuring yourself.

When weight training alone, just be sure to do heavy core lifts (bench presses and squats namely) in a power rack. Simply adjust the safety pins to just below the barbell at the bottom of either lift. For bench press, the safety pins will be below chest level. If you fail a rep, lower the barbell back to your chest. You’ll notice that the bar still won’t clear your chest, so simply guide it off of your chest towards your throat or down over your hips. The barbell will clear these areas and rest on the safety pins, allowing you to simply slide out, unload, and re-rack the barbell by yourself. With the safety pins positioned just below the bottom position of the barbell at the bottom of the squat, just fall forward into the rack with the barbell in a failed squat repetition.

Weight Training Alone Could Be Is Smart

We humans are imperfect and sometimes have lapses in common sense, judgement, and just make dumb mistakes. By using the safety features of a power rack for bench presses, squats, and other core lifts, eliminates human error. Check the labels of the power racks / squat racks you lift in and make sure they are rated well above the weights you are handling. That way when weight training alone you can still engage in heavy lifts, and have the confidence that whether you succeed or fail, you’ll be fine.

So there you have it. Figure your priorities, and if your primary goal is to progress in your exercise program, then weight training alone is probably your best bet. Relying solely on your diligence, fortitude, will-power, and reliable safety equipment, there will be little to stop you from progressing your strength. If you’re interested to see real demonstrations of weight training alone, the YouTube video below will show just that. I’ve been weight training alone for three years now. I go hard and heavy and have been safe all this time. I was able to go back and search my archives and find a few clips showing real fails. Once you fail a few times and allow safety pins to do their job, you’re world will open up before you and all doubt will be gone: you’ll be able to accomplish anything when weight training alone!

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