Power Of Lifting WeightsFor Weight Loss, Size, Strength, Any Fitness Goal

10 health benefits of lifting weights:

1 Muscular

Increase muscular endurance, power, size, and strength

2 Enzymatic

Increases levels of anaerobic enzymes stored in muscle

3 Endocrine

Increases testosterone levels and body's sensitivity to hormones

4 Cardiovascular

Induces new capillary growth

5 Body Composition

 Increases body's lean-mass, and decreases body-fat percentage

6 Metabolic

Additional muscle mass increases basal metabolic rate (burn more energy at rest)

7 Connective Tissue

Strengthens ligaments and tendons

8 Skeletal

Increases bone mass density

9 Neurological

Neuroplasticity (form new connections between neurons, improving critical thinking, learning, and memory)

10 Psychological

 Releases dopamine, endocannabinoids, endorphins, and serotonin, which improves mood, mitigates stress, and fosters habit formation.

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We all know that being overweight or out of shape isn’t fun. But fad diets and extreme exercise plans are even less fun. Now there’s a better way. Online personal training via the Slaven Man’s Gym app gives you a convenient and effective way to get in the best shape of your life without torturing yourself.

Our app contains programs that feature:

Fat Burning Workouts

Workout Tracker

Muscle Building Workouts

MyFitnessPal integration

Nutrition Plans

In-app Trainer messaging service

Included 12-week personal training programs

Unlike other online personal training services, our personal training app gives you complete control. You can select and start any training program at any time. You will have access to absolutely all of the app’s features – there are no hidden, sleazy upsells. Our mobile fitness app gives you everything you need to succeed right at your fingertips!

A. Accelerated Fat Loss

Beginner - intermediate level, 4x per week, averaging 60-75 minutes per workout

B. Muscle Size & Strength

Intermediate level, 4x per week, averaging 50-75 minutes per workout

C. Bodybuilding I

Intermediate - advanced, 6x per week, averaging 50-75 minutes per workout

D. Powerlifting

Intermediate - advanced, 5x per week, averaging 60-90 minutes per workout

E. Powerbuilding

Intermediate - advanced, 5x per week, averaging 60-90 minutes per workout

F. Bodybuilding II

Advanced, 5x per week, averaging 60-90 minutes per workout

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Get pro training for $18/month

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Hi, I'm Jonathan Slaven a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist trainer.

I used to be a 350 pound construction worker and Russian linguist. Then I lost 135 pounds, yes 135 pounds following the programs that are included on the mobile fitness app. And I’ve kept the weight off for years following the nutritional guides and advice also included on the mobile fitness app.

If I can do it, you can too. And I’ll be here to help you every step and every rep of the way."

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