Training periods begin on Mondays (i.e. if today is Tuesday, your plan will begin next week).

Why Train With Us?


Slaven Man's Gym is a weight lifting app that you should use in your training! Our lifting routines focus on free-weights since an increase in lean muscle mass burns and keeps off fat. Lifting weights helps to sculpt a large, powerful physique in a time-efficient manner.

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Why Choose Iron Maiden Fitness?

If you're looking for gym workout routines for women, this service is for you.
We specialize in weight training for women and provide an enjoyable training experience.


Real Fitness Results

Primarily using free-weights develops leans the most muscle mass. The more muscle mass you have, the greater your resting metabolism, meaning you burn more calories throughout the day. Use our app for real results!

Easy-To-Use Service

Choose a training plan and personalize it to your schedule. Bring your workouts to the gym and track your progress. The Slaven Man's Gym Lifting App is user-friendly and has all the useful features you need for success!

Women's Fitness Expert

"Welcome to Slaven Man's Gym. My name is Jonathan Slaven. I'm a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and have personally lost over 135 pounds. Sign up and start your fitness journey with us today!"

4 12-Week Lifting Programs

Slaven Man's Gym Lifting App offers you 4 12-week lifting programs you can personalize to fit your schedule!

Major Fat Loss

This 12-week lifting routine follows a traditional 5 x 5 schema. Most of the work is done with compound, barbell exercises so that you pack on the most muscle with a minimal time investment. Integrates HIIT and nutrition to shed major fat.


The bodybuilding program utilizes free-weights in an undulating schema to keep you in a hypertrphic-state. Put on some impressive muscle mass with this program. Circuit cardio is optional if wanting to cut fat and 2-week cutting instructions for bodybuilding photos / competition.


If you want to train for maximum, raw strength - you'll love this one. This old-school 12-week program was widely used by NFL and NHL teams for maintaining and building strength in-season.

Muscular Endurance

For those who don't really care to get 'big' muscles, but want to enjoy general health benefits from resistance training. Progressively builds up muscular endurance in a safe, sustainable manner.

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